The mission of the company

The mission of  ELSTER-PROJEKT LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, Ltd, is providing the highest quality services, the prices  of which are attractive and the completions of which meet the deadline. Thanks to such an approach our CLIENTS have the possibility of ensuring their advantage in business over their market competitors.

The vision of the company

Elster-Projekt limited liability company, Ltd , intends to become the most desired business partner, characterized by the highest competences, offering professional and extensive engineering services both in Poland and on the territories of European Union Countries.

Strategic goals for five years:

  • Our company intends to increase our turnover three times in the period up to three years (since 01.2012 to 01.2015) together with the extension of our own infrastructure
  • The relative growth of the profits from selling the services  at about 10%-30% – by increasing the efficiency of the company management.
  • Ensuring clients with the constant satisfaction from the offered services thanks to proper flow of the information.
  • Increasing the reliability of the company by implementing quality system, health and safety regulations and the protection of the environment.
  • Ensuring continuous increase of the competences of the company by improving and developing the qualifications of the employees.
  • Providing the employees of the company both with appropriate social and health and safety conditions
  • Motivating the employees of the company to working more efficiently by properly chosen work assessing system
  • Implementing renewable energy technologies in connection with the basic energy sources of the energy (heat and electric energy)

Types of the services:

Elster –Projekt limited liability company, Ltd , offers a complex attendance of the investment since the moment of creating the project until the moment of the realization of the undertaking.
We ensure conducting of the investment at every stage of the realization in cooperation with our own  engineering-designing office, click on

  • Planning and preparing of the investment – click on the website
  • Setting arrangements and making projects – click on the website
  • Carrying out of the investment

Carrying out of the investment:

General execution (carrying out of the investment)
We are conducting an extensive  and full service of the investment together with the companies cooperating with Elster-Projekt Ltd. Our employees are properly qualified and possess demanded building entitlements/licenses.

Starting up the machines
After completion of the building we provide complex installations connecting and starting up the machines. Our employees are qualified, well-experienced and possess all the demanded licenses and entitlements.

The substitute investor
Our company also takes up, on the behalf of the investor, the function of the substitute investor.

Investments supervision
In the response to our clients needs and expectations we can play the role of the inspector of the investment supervision in the scope of the quality control, meeting up the deadlines and the compliance with the standards and the regulations of the works conducted by the General Contractor.

Control of the costs and expenses and making up the schedules
We ensure, in accordance with the needs, the control of the costs during carrying out of the investment and also current control of the work progress on the basis of the schedule.

Service and attendance of the machines
We also offer to our Clients the maintenance and conservation of the industrial works, machines and installations.

Sectors of activity:

Industrial architecture:

  • Assembly halls for the various branches of the industry
  • Others

Public buildings construction:

  • Office buildings
  • Shopping malls and logistics centers
  • Others

Engineering constructions

  • Waste water plants
  • Others.